At EDGE, all our projects are aimed at using education to help communities survive and thrive. 

Our projects fall into the following two categories: 

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Education in emergencies 

Working in conflict or crisis settings, these projects seek to build awareness and provide opportunities for educational needs to be met for children and youth affected by disasters that collapse their communities and all semblance of normalcy. 

While other organizations flood in to make sure families and communities have food, shelter, and water in the wake of such crises, education is often woefully overlooked for sometimes years. Overlooking this most basic of needs and fundamental human right is detrimental to all of society, placing families and youth at risk of exploitation or recruitment at worst, and a uneducated, unmotivated, traumatized rising generation and lack of hope for the future at best. 

We believe that education is one of the key ways for communities to recover, deal with trauma, establish hope for the future, and change the trajectory of tragedy into one of hope and promise. 


Global education development

With a firm belief that education is a necessary component for communities looking to advance in the global age, EDGE seeks to connect with like-minded teachers, organizations, and schools around the world to help build resources, motivation, and capacity. 

Through short-term teacher training seminars and student summits, our work in Global Education Development is aimed at empowering communities with low access to resources or skills training that can dramatically improve their level of education. 

By working with these communities, we are building a global network that is committed to seeing both peace and potential realized through the conduit of education.