Global Education Development

EDGE is committed to working with students, teachers, and communities around the world to elevate the role and quality of education. We believe that education is the key for shaping a strong and successful future, and we are excited to invest in the future of these countries and projects: 



Our very first project was in Saint-Louis, Senegal, in 2012 before we were officially incorporated. We have developed some wonderful relationships with a local teachers' organization, as well as some key educational figures in Northern Senegal. 

In 2012 we hosted a 5-day middle school English camp to improve the language and study skills of 60 local middle schoolers. We also conducted a one day teacher training intensive with teachers from the entire region. 

In 2015 we returned and conducted another teacher training intensive, provided a writing workshop for middle schoolers, engaged in a Gender Education panel at a local University, and were hosted on the local English radio program. 


Our first trip to the Gambia was in the summer of 2015. During that trip we coordinated with a local youth-led organization to host a 3-day student leadership summit and a 3-day teacher training conference. The initiative and interest of both the students and teachers was infectious and we were thrilled with the response. 

We will be heading back to Gambia in 2017, follow along all of our updates below! 

Curriculum Development 

As we work to pioneer effective programs for education, we often find the need to create quality materials to serve communities. Because of that we invest a good portion of time in curriculum development. We aim to serve our network and the educational community as a whole through these publications. 

Our current projects include: 

  • English for NGO Workers (Intermediate-Advanced English Course + Soft Skills) 
  • 3D: Definitions, Differences, & Dignity (A Course for Intercultural Engagement and Exchange)