Our mission


as we have traveled the world . . . 

we have heard and seen and stepped into many stories. We have sat with tribal leaders on Iraqi hillsides, we have sat under fire-breathing dancers in Senegal, we have played games in dark unfinished buildings with kids who didn't know what 'home' was, and we have been entertained by enthusiastic Gambian thespians. 

Along the way we have been on the search for a few key things: light, hope, and dreams. 

In a world that increasingly feels overcome by darkness, despair, and a perpetual victimhood, we felt compelled to fight for something different. 

We found as we traveled and stepped into stories and connected with other change-makers on the ground that the one thing that made the difference was education.

  • Education enlightened minds that helped to dispel the darkness communities felt descending on them. light
  • Education offered a perspective that looked to future change and success rather than current problems. hope
  • Education convinced people that they were worth imagining something bigger than themselves and chasing it. Education gave them the resources and the motivation to do so. dreams

As we became convinced of the power of education in bringing light, hope, and dreams to a student, we saw it connect to their family. When we saw a family empowered, we saw it reach to the community. When we saw communities empowered, we believed change would come to hurting or forgotten places. 

We exist to promote and provide education that leads to effective engagement across global borders. We work to break down barriers and open doors for relationships. 

We champion education because we see the direct correlation to changing trajectories, empowering communities, and building countries.

We intend to be world-changers by providing quality educational opportunities for kids, teachers, and schools around the world. 

That's what we do.