The World Turns On

All that has been going on in the news has been a bit paralyzing, lately. Raising questions of how we can make a difference, how we can help, how we can combat the wrong and actually drown out shadows with light. How can we infuse hope when hope seems lost? How can we chase dreams when life feels like a nightmare? 

But the reality exists that the earth continues its journey around the sun, and time turns on, and paralysis kills potential for change. 

And while the world's eyes are on those regions that are feeling the weight of political discourse and dispute, a larger majority of the world carries on striving towards development and growth, towards improvement in health practices and richer educational structures to build their economy and global positioning. 

An unintentional neglect of regions on the rise is to our own detriment and theirs as well. If we only address issues when peace is threatened, then we have no opportunity to preemptively plant seeds that lead to economic and social growth and promote a spirit of peace within that. 

Beliefs like this is why EDGE is committed to working not only in post-conflict settings but in global development as well. We want to be a part of building strong communities and ensuring that countries have educational structures that will lead towards dialogue across ethnic, gender, religious, and class lines. We want to break down barriers before they become caustic. We want all people everywhere to have the ability to read, reason, and respect. This comes through education that elevates the person and enables them to live successfully and peacefully with those around them. 

This year we are headed to Gambia for a Social Innovation Summit that will focus on preparing students to make noticeable changes in their community. We will be focusing on creating social products that make life better or organizing social projects that address gaps and problems in their community. 

We are thrilled to be headed back to Gambia and to work with students like Modou again: 

"Being part of this summit will boost my potential to help me achieve all of the goals I want to pursue for my future. The summit also exposed me to meet a lot of people of different backgrounds. People who cannot have these opportunities are limited. I can learn new things from all of these different types of people and it is benefiting me. I like how I behave here, I am allowed to speak my mind and my opinions and am not ridiculed for it but instead am encouraged. The presentation training especially helped me not to be afraid to stand in front of others and speak. I am not used to having so much encouragement and it is building me up as a person and giving me confidence. Even when I return to my school I will able to stand in front of others and speak now." -Modou

No one, whether they are living in conflict or not, is beyond the worth of having confidence instilled and believing that they are capable of anything they can dream of. 

And so, while we fight for justice where it is gravely lacking, we also foster it where we see it growing.

We are still in need of people to help support our Social Innovation Summit this summer, so we are turning to you! Can you make it a reality for around 60 students and 60 teachers to receive life-changing training this summer and give them the opportunity to infect their schools and communities with a spirit of ambition, ability, and confidence?