Engaging Youth Programming 

In an effort to engage an underserved sector of the population who has the weight of the future of their country hanging on their shoulders, EDGE is constantly looking for funding and opportunities to increase our Engaging Youth programs. These programs vary widely in their scope, length, and objectives, but the two constants are: they are educational, and they are targeted towards a population aged 13-29. 

Here is a list of several programs we have run for Youth, and read below to find updates on ongoing Engaging Youth Programs and Projects. 

  • Long-term English Courses in Dawedya Camp 
  • Basic Health Skills workshop in Dawedya Camp 
  • English, Health, and Leadership Workshops in Enishke Town
  • Innovation Training in Dawedya Camp & the Haven Center 
  • Foundations of Education & Play Therapy Workshops in Dohuk City 
  • Exam Preparation Workshops in Dawedya Camp & the Haven Center 
  • Photography Workshops in the Haven Center 
  • Computer & English Courses in the Haven Center 
  • Peacebuilding Workshops in the Haven Center 
  • Girls Crochet Course in the Haven Center 
  • Sewing Machine & Fabric Distribution in Shingal