The Haven Center 

The Haven Center is located in a rented home in Sharya town. We are able to host between 20-35 kids at a time for programs. During our Child-Friendly Educational Programming (CFEP), the center is open four days a week for two 2-hour shifts, one with younger students (6-9) and one with older students (10-12). The students study Kurdish, English, Art Therapy, Exploration Lessons, and Character Lessons. They also have time for playing and exercising as well as healthy snacks and drinks. 

Our center focuses on using art - tactile, music, and theater - as a way to process the trauma that all of our students have encountered, as all of our students have been displaced by ISIS forces. Through the art lessons, they find purpose and creativity, are able to express their emotions, and have a medium for telling their hard stories and explaining their hopes and dreams. We have found that our students grow in confidence and understanding through these lessons. 

In our exploration lessons, students learn about a new theme each week, and participate in experiential learning that may be related to math, science, computers, or history. 

The character lessons are focused on building key life and character skills for our students. We use stories to help students observe and consider character traits that lead towards successful engagements with people around them. We focus on life skills such as introducing yourself, respecting others, and listening well. 

Haven Center Sessions: 

  • 2nd CFEP: 15 November 2016 - 22 January 2017 
    • 61 students in attendance 
    • sponsored by TentED
    • community event exhibition on January 20, 2017 
  • 1st CFEP: 22 June - 29 September 2016 
    • 50 students in attendance 
    • sponsored by Operation Blessing with a special emphasis on Art Therapy 
    • 3 community events (art, theater, and music)