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Episode 031: Kylie Barker of the EDGE Institute (podcast)

In this episode, Jamie Ivey talks with Kylie Barker, the founder and Educational Director of a small NGO focusing on Global Education and Education in Conflict. They talk about the goals and dreams for the institute, why it’s needed, and how Kylie is preparing to move to northern Iraq with her husband and one year old.

What you’ll hear: 

  • What’s bringing Kylie and her family to northern Iraq in just a few short weeks
  • How EDGE hopes to promote education in the midst of conflict or national disaster
  • How you can support EDGE


“In conflict or natural disaster, the immediate needs are food, shelter water. We want to elevate education and get it into that first response area.” Kylie Barker

“We look at Syria right now, and kids have been out of school for four or five years. You’re going to lose a whole generation there if education’s not rebuilt, and how is that country going to get back on track and rebuild their communities if they don’t have an educated generation coming up?” Kylie Barker

“When God calls you somewhere, it doesn’t mean that He just calls you and not your whole family.” Jamie Ivey

“Kids that aren’t in school, especially in places of conflict, are much more susceptible to forced child marriage, forced child labor, requirement into jihadist or military groups, child prostitution…providing education not only looks toward their future but also towards protecting them today.” Kylie Barker


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