Guest Post: In Celebration of Humanity

Posted on August 23rd on

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We love sharing stories of kids like Suhbat, who came to our center and spent time laughing and playing and working through the trauma of being displaced by ISIS through art and character building lessons.

We love talking about Shilan, and how our work was provoking her family to think through issues of respect and forgiveness.

We get excited to share stories about how the teenagers who came to our classes were inspired to study together and felt more confident going into their exam sessions.

But, there’s another group that needs to have their story told. Another group without whom none of those other stories would exist.

In light of International Humanitarian Day on August 19th, we want to share the story of volunteers and staff who work tirelessly with little reward other than knowing that they are making a difference. Volunteers who two years ago had such an influx of people into their town that their population tripled in size.

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Kylie Barker