Young Changemakers: DC 2017

Young Changemakers is a pioneering program based in D.C. and currently being hosted at Steadfast Supply, a retail concept that celebrates social entrepreneurs.

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We believe that breaking down barriers between people - finding the similar rather than the different - is the path to positive change in this world. We also believe that anyone is capable of bringing change, and no one should be waiting for someone more qualified or more concerned to challenge a social issue.

In light of that, this program will bring together a select group of young people to work in teams on products, projects, or programs that will benefit their community. These students will identify local social issues, and then brainstorm potential solutions to those issues. Through their work they will learn concepts of prototyping, program budgeting, design elements, social storytelling, and positive collaboration. 

At the end of the six-week course during which students will have the opportunity to hear from other local changemakers as they develop their own project or product, teams will pitch their ideas to a small panel of judges for feedback on their ideas. 

Ultimately, we want to empower young people to work together with people different than themselves in a way that produces positive change in their communities. We have high expectations from our first cohort of students! 


  • Classes are open to teens ages 15-18. 
  • Classes will be held every Thursday evening from 4:30-6:00. 
  • Classes will run from October 19-November 30 (November 23 will be off for Thanksgiving.) 
  • Classes will be held at Steadfast Supply, 300 Tingey Street SE; Washington, DC. 
  • Classes will be free of charge, but students must apply and be selected for the course. 
  • Applications are due October 12, and all students will be notified of their acceptance by October 15, 2017. 


Kylie Barker